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Why These HIV tests 
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New Zealand HIV statistics

In the year 2015, 224 people were diagnosed with HIV in New Zealand, with 109 of those having been infected in New Zealand. This is higher than 2014 when 217 people were diagnosed with an HIV infecction.

Sexual transmission accounts for the vast majority of new HIV diagnoses in New Zealand. Gay and bisexual men remain the population group most at risk of HIV.

The goal of frequent testing

Perform test for HIV is an important part of the struggle to reduce the growth of the worldwide epidemic. Many people who are infected with HIV are not aware of the infection. Frequent testing can decrease the spread of HIV. 
By offering the possibility of performing the HIV screening at home, people often decide to test themselves earlier. Detecting an HIV infection in an early stage is not only important for the prevention of further infections, but also for a better treatment of the patient. Starting an HIV treatment in an early stage will improve the treatment significantly. 

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