Early signs and symptoms of HIV / AIDS

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a disease that can be contagious and affect the immune system. When it infects the body, and is not treated, it becomes a deadly disease.

An HIV infection can cause some common symptoms to appear. Government health centers can help detect and determine whether these symptoms are an HIV infection. You can also test yourself by ordering an HIV test at this website.

However, recognizing the early signs and symptoms of HIV can prevent transmission of HIV infection to others. Test yourself for HIV if you have had any risk of exposure to HIV.

HIV attacks gradually, and does not directly affects the bodies condition so severe at the beginning of the first year. It tends to start getting worse after years. In fact, this virus can only be detected by getting an HIV test.


Early signs of HIV infection:

Flu-like symptoms

Not all of people who were newly infected notice symptoms. Symptoms usually appear within 2- 4 weeks. The amount of HIV in the bloodstream can be very high in the first few days or weeks after HIV infection. At that time, some people experience flu-like symptoms. The first stage of HIV disease is called "primary HIV infection" or "acute HIV infection".


One of the first signs of HIV infection is mild fever, up to about 39 degrees C (102 degrees F). Swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, and sore throat are the symptoms that are usually experienced along with fever.

At this stage, the virus moves into the bloodstream and begins to replicate in large numbers. Therefore, there will be an inflammatory reaction.

Skin Rash

Skin rashes may occur early or late in the progression of HIV / AIDS.

Persistent cough

Persistent dry cough, can be one sign of HIV / AIDS. Actually this kind of cough can also be caused by allergies, but allergies cough heal faster. While cough due to HIV / AIDS remains for a longer time.

Sudden Pain

Do you often feel a sudden pain in the body or muscle? This could also be one of the early signs of the HIV / AIDS virus infecting your body.

Frequent headaches

Long lasting headaches. This is also a symptom that could be caused by many reasons. On of them being an HIV infection.

To prevent the transmission of HIV / AIDS, an HIV test is advised if many symptoms above are bothering you. And furthermore if you have experienced unsafe sexual exposure.