A Healthy Lifestyle to Improve the Life Quality of PLWHA

People living with HIV/ Aids require a healthy lifestyle to improve the quality of life in order to live longer. A better life will also be obtained if the person is able to meet the needs of the body with healthy foods .

A healthy lifestyle is not only focusing on a healthy food source, but also associated with healthy habits in life, and no less important is a positive mindset. HIV-positive people living with a more optimistic view of life, are believed to improve the mental condition that ultimately frees them from the burden of stress, and anxiety in their lives.

For that reason, people with HIV are advised to consume healthy and nutritious food, especially if the body is in a state of fatigue or pain. Nutritious food does not mean expensive food. Food can be obtained at an affordable price. In addition, regular exercise can also help to lower fat and cholesterol. Smoking, consuming alcohol, use of narcotic substances are particularly damaging to health and the immune system.

A healthy lifestyle is what needs to be pursued by us in order to create a better quality of life. Living more purposeful and avoiding stress will surely have a positive effect on life.